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About Tummy Tuck Extended Surgery

We Offer Drainless Tummy Tucks. Find out if you are a candidate.
You’ve probably heard of tummy tuck surgery or abdominoplasty, but have you heard of extended tummy tuck surgery? Because an extended tummy tuck also gets rid of excess skin from the lower sides and back it differs slightly from a tummy tuck or a regular

Procedure Details

If you have excess skin and bulging in your belly as well as your lower sides and back as a result of having a baby or multiple babies, losing and/or gaining weight, or for no specific reason at all, you may want to discuss the extended tummy tuck option. Regardless of whether you do a tummy tuck or extended tummy tuck you will be amazed at your results! My Plastic Surgery Group, serving IndianapolisCarmel and surrounding areas, specializes in this procedure. We have done upwards of 325 extended tummy tucks in the last 8 years and consider this procedure to have one of the highest patient satisfaction ratings. The popularity of this procedure in Indianapolis and Carmel is growing rapidly as more people see the results that can be achieved.

We look forward to discussing this option with you at your extended tummy tuck consultation in Indianapolis.

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DR’s Tip on The Drainless Abdominoplasty:

When inquiring about the challenges associated with an abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, numerous patients highlight the discomfort associated with the drainage system. Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to eliminate excess fat and skin, resulting in a firmer, more sculpted abdominal profile. In traditional approaches to this surgery, the body tends to accumulate fluid between the skin-fat layer and the underlying musculature before these layers fully adhere during the healing process. To manage this, small tubes are strategically placed to facilitate the removal of excess fluid, ensuring a smoother recovery and optimal results.

Recent advancements and studies have illuminated the efficacy of the quilting technique, which notably obviates the necessity for drains while concurrently facilitating progressive skin tightening from the abdomen downwards. In 2002, Drs. Harlan and Todd Pollock introduced their pioneering method for a drainless abdominoplasty. This approach involves meticulous additional suturing of the abdominal tissues to eliminate the space typically necessitating drainage tubes. This innovative concept resonated strongly with our practice, marking a significant evolution in our surgical methodology.

Tummy Tuck Extended Surgery Cost

The cost of a tummy tuck extended surgery in Indianapolis will depend on several factors. The price can be affected by body type, type of technique performed, surgical complications, and even allergies. Find out more by scheduling a consultation.

Schedule a Tummy Tuck Extended Surgery Consultation

If you have any questions about a tummy tuck extended surgery in Indianapolis or would like to book a consultation with Dr. John Aker, please contact My Plastic Surgery Group today. Our skilled team can help you get the sculpted body you have always desired.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The upper thigh and back skin do appear to benefit, although the amount varies with each patient.

The difference is about the “love handle”, hip and buttock area. An extended tummy tuck helps these areas too,while a standard tummy tuck does not. So, your choice would be based on the problem areas you’d like to address with this cosmetic surgery.

Smoking inhibits skin circulation and wound healing. It also makes anesthesia more risky. We will be glad to help you quit smoking before surgery. You must stop nicotine 8 weeks prior to surgery.
In terms of pain you will notice significant relief within days. In terms of being able to exercise, you will want to wait at least 2-weeks before resuming light exercises. In terms of scar maturation, you will see steady improvement month by month.
Because of the muscle tightening involved in extended tummy tuck surgery, you may see improvement in your posture. Tightening the tummy muscles frequently reduces the hip tilt to a more normal position, and by default, improves one´s posture.

During surgery we use special leg compression devices to help prevent this process called deep venous thrombosis. After surgery anticoagulant medicines (eg. Heparin, Lovenox, or Arixtra) may be used also. The most important thing you can do is to maintain activity levels and avoid any cigarette smoking or nicotine products.

While there is some swelling down low near the pubic area, it is still a wonderful improvement compared to before surgery. Some swelling could last up to 9 months, although most leaves by 4 months.
Any scar is permanent but fade gradually over the next 6 months to a year. Scars following extended tummy tuck surgery are usually placed in an area where they can be hidden under clothing.

It lasts the rest of your life if you care for yourself and maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight.

Yes, Dr. Aker is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Denise Reister
Denise Reister
18 January 2024
I saw Nate for laser hair removal today for the third time. I’ve also seen him for Botox injections. He carefully explains everything he is doing. He is such a kind & caring human. I will definitely use him again & again.
Peggy Brennan
Peggy Brennan
18 January 2024
Samantha was wonderful. She definitely knew what she was doing and was also friendly & personable.
jennifer foltz
jennifer foltz
17 January 2024
The staff is always friendly, professional, and accommodating. Dr. Akers is to the point but listens intently to any concerns (as does the PA!)
15 January 2024
I recently went for a consultation and the staff was very friendly. Dr. Akers was very nice, polite, professional, and respectful. He explained everything really well of what to expect with the procedure I’m interested in. I was very pleased.
Angie Duzan
Angie Duzan
12 January 2024
I had my consultation with Dr Akers. The office staff and the doctor are all so very friendly. They made me feel very comfortable..I have never felt so welcome in a doctor office as I do with Myplastic surgery group. They are all friendly,knowledgeable on procedures and helpful! Dr. Akers is just the most down to earth doctor I have ever met. I travel from Bloomington and will do it every time.I highly recommend this place. They offer a variety of services! Angie Duzan
Amanda Westfall
Amanda Westfall
11 January 2024
Samantha is an incredible injector. She did my Botox for forehead and crows feet- it was a very positive experience with very little discomfort - thank you so much for keeping me young!
Cheryl OBrien
Cheryl OBrien
10 January 2024
I am very pleased with my results of having a tummy tuck with Dr Aker. I am 4 months post op. The before and after pics are astounding! His office staff are always friendly and make sure that I have all my questions answered. I'm so glad that I chose this doctor. I had a great experience overall.
marisol Goodan
marisol Goodan
9 January 2024
Great overall first experience with my consultation. Dr Reddy and the staff were very professional, knowledgeable and answered all my questions thoroughly.

Meet Dr. Aker

Dr. Aker, an Indianapolis plastic surgeon affiliated with several area hospitals, has lectured and is published widely on a variety of plastic surgery topics. Dr. Aker brought several new techniques in cosmetic surgery to Indianapolis and Carmel including the endoscopic breast augmentation (“endo aug”) and Asian eyelid surgery.

Meet Dr. Reddy

After completing her undergraduate degree at Lehigh University, Dr. Reddy earned her medical doctorate degree from Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia. She went on to complete an accredited transitional year internship and ophthalmology residency at the highly regarded Emory University, where she distinguished herself as a highly skilled surgeon, having received her surgical training from world-renowned mentors at the Emory Eye Center, one of the top training programs institutions in the country.

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