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Indianapolis Tummy Tuck FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Although any surgery has risks, abdominoplasty is a commonly performed procedure. The complications from tummy tuck surgery are very similar to other procedures we do and will be discussed thoroughly at your consultation.
Posture can improve if there is substantial tummy muscle laxity producing a forward tilt to the hips prior to the surgery. Tightening the tummy muscles frequently reduces the tilt to a more normal position, and by default, improves one´s posture.
For certain people, depending upon their history and some other factors, drains may not be necessary. This simplifies the recovery considerably. You should discuss this possibility with your surgeon during your consultation.
Exercise is always beneficial for overall health. This surgery creates results that exceed those obtained with exercise alone. However, exercise can enhance and extend the results of surgery.
This is unlikely after tummy tuck surgery. More commonly, it is fat in the hip/flank area that you might notice more now that your tummy is much flatter and more contoured. The doctor will address these concerns with you during your consultation.
Yes, it is one of the highest. The results are impressive and long lasting.
No. Certainly the tissue that is removed does weigh something, typically only a few pounds, but abdominoplasty is a contour procedure that improves shape.
A “mini tummy tuck” involves limited tightening of the skin, with optional muscle repair. Recovery is much quicker and may not require an overnight stay at the hospital unless combined with other procedures.
Absolutely! Smoking and nicotine inhibit skin circulation and wound healing. They also make anesthesia riskier. Smoking, nicotine use, chewing tobacco and nicotine gum must be stopped at least 8 weeks prior to surgery to avoid serious, unnecessary complications.
Typically it runs from hip to hip, but is designed to fit within a two-piece bathing suit, underwear or briefs.
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