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Indianapolis Blepharoplasty FAQs

Blepharoplasty FAQs

Various tissues undergo changes in the eyelid area resulting in thinning and loss of skin tone, redistribution and alteration in volume of fatty tissue, laxity of the support tissues and the cumulative effects of gravity.
No. The procedures are outpatient. In fact, the upper eyelid surgery can usually be done in our office.
Upper eyelid surgery lends itself to a speedy recovery with a quick return to work. Lower eyelid surgery results in swelling and bruising for several weeks, possibly requiring more time off work.
It may interfere with healing. It is never a good idea to use nicotine products within 8 weeks of surgery.
Although results of blepharoplasty last longer than most other facial rejuvenation procedures, eyelids continue along the path of aging, with duration of results typically 7-10 years.
To a variable extent there is bruising and swelling.
If both upper and lower eyelids undergo surgery at the same sitting, then there may be sufficient swelling to result in lids being closed for the first several hours.
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